Diagnosed With Hard Water? Here are the Best Water Softeners in UK

  • August 10, 2019

There are some areas in the UK notoriously known to have hard water yet not all UK people even understand what hard water is. In a simple explanation, hard water is simply that water which has higher levels of dissolved magnesium and calcium. Having hard water running through the pipes and faucets of your house can cause various problems.

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Hard water can easily lead to the clogging of your houses’ water piping system, producing soap scum thus making laundry a nightmare, quick wearing down of your water appliances. You now understand the problems associated with hard water. So, after your house has been diagnosed with hard water, where can you get the best water softeners in the UK?

Here are the best water softeners in the UK:

There are usually many water softeners that are available in the UK market something that can make it extremely hard for you to choose the right one for you. Here, we take you through some of the best water softeners that you will find in the UK market. Just keep reading below and you will find out one that perfectly fits your unique needs. Please note that there are 3 main categories of whole-house water softeners:


  • Water2Buy W2B200 –

This top-notch water softener is top-selling water softening brand in the UK. It is a salt-based water softening system which works on a model where sodium ions replace calcium and magnesium ions to help soften water.


If you decide to choose this type of water softener, just ensure that it is installed next to a drain. They are better installed near drains because of the need for discharging of salt from the salt tank. Salt-based water softeners are ideal for use in very hard water areas.


  • The Eddy Electronic Water Descaler –

This is yet another good water softening device available in the UK. Unlike the Water2Buy W2B200 which is salt-water based water softening system, Eddy Electronic water descaler works a different model free of salt. The salt-free water softeners work on the model known as Nano-Technology which alters the atomic structure of the water making it soft. These types of water softeners are best used for water that is moderately hard. They are best used in houses where lime-scale has partially built up in the plumbing system. They can help to remove lime-scale from the pipes thus helping to remove the possibility of the piping system contributing to the overall water hardness in the house.

  • Electro-Magnetic systems

They are usually the smallest of the water softeners thus they offer the most compact solution to homeowners. They use magnetic wires which are connected to the houses’ water piping system. They work by altering the structure of the water molecules thus softening that water. Please note that the electromagnetic water softeners are only ideal for water that has hardness level rated at between low and medium hardness. Because, in this type of water softeners, there are usually no additives used, and no water run-off, they are considered to be the most cost-effective, cheap and environmentally friendly water softener in the UK.

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